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Name Link Comment
Mark Organ
Doug Pardo
Virgina Bauman Trained and works with Jerry Colonna. Incredible human being, highly empathetic, former founder and engineer too. (Prev. founded Tonx, sold to Blue Bottle who still uses Tonx's tech for their subscription offering.)
Kate MacAleavey She’s worked with unicorn founders, YC, and ran internal L&D for Facebook, and understands team communication and cultural dynamics better than anyone I know.
Les morgan worked with Gore, Harvard and more
Cecilia Landholt Referral only, she works primarily with founders.
Andy Sparks an incredible Coach, we've been working with him for a year and he's been awesome. Combo of in the trenches startup knowledge as a founder / ceo + just a great coach.
Tom Willis partnering with CEOs to create high-performing cultures.
Lisa da Rocha
Christine Carrillo
Libby Moore She's a former Chief of Staff to Oprah, and has a wealth of knowledge! If you reach out, let her know Louise Storm recommended